Kae's Pre-FloorWork Conditioning Program (Manual Only)

Kae's Pre-FloorWork Conditioning Program (Manual Only)


$40 ($43 w/Payment Processing Fees)

This interactive digital manual includes:

  • 15 warm-up conditioning exercises + 3 Bonus “Zipper” preparation exercises

  • Written instructions for each exercise

  • Photos

  • Demonstration videos

ATS® FloorWork practice can be very intense. That’s why proper warm-up conditioning is important for the health of your dance body. This program guides you to 15+ targeted carefully selected exercises to fully warm-up and strengthen the muscles you use for those extreme movements. If you’d like to get a fully instructed program with Follow Along video, jump HERE to snag for yourself!

You will receive an email including all the details to access & enjoy this digital manual within 24 hours after purchase. - Thanks! xoKae

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